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B O A R D   R E S P O N S E S

After full board review of a new study, clients will be notified within  24 HOURS  by  a 
P R I N C I P A L staff member of the board's decision.

One of the following board responses will be given:

  • APPROVED: The board approved the study as submitted for the period of one year. A formal letter will be sent electronically to you.

  • APPROVED WITH MODIFICATIONS: The board conditionally approved the study based on requested additional information they expect to recieve from the Sponsor/CRO or Principal Investigator.

  • DEFFERED: The board has decided to defer the study in order to gain more information.

  • DENIED: The board did not approve the study as submitted. A formal letter will be to you electronically stating the reason for the denial.

The decision of approval by the board will stand for the length of time specified, however this period of time may not exceed more than one year. Approval expiration dates will be noted in your approval letter.

Should you have any questions regarding board responses,
please do not hesitate to
CONTACT US or call 1-386-626-3038.

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