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P R E   R E V I E W



Don’t let the IRB review hold up your submission process.  Principal IRB  will work with you to eliminate mistakes that have previously held you back.  We streamline the process to insure rapid turnaround time, while ensuring high quality review.           

We  accomplish this through our complimentary  pre-review of your study submission. 


This  pre-review will help save time and eliminate hold-ups in the IRB process.
We offer this service before your study goes to full board review to try and make sure everything is in order.  We know at Principal IRB, that every client has different needs.  The staff at Principal is here to serve you and make your submission as painless as possible, therefore saving you time.


24 Hour Document Notification 

Principal IRB reviews studies weekly and provides notification to you within 24 hours of board review via our secure digital platform,  LAUNCH.  Your study will go to board within a week after we receive your completed application.  Any application not fully completed may hold your study up in the review process. 

Questions? Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US  or CALL US at 919-910-7743

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