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T H E   B O A R D

​The Principal Board

  • Principal IRB board members meet all federal requirements. 

  • Principal IRB is comprised of diverse members, who collectively represent a wide range of experience and expertise. Scientific, ethical, community and adminstrative perspectives are represented and integrated into the application of ethical research concepts. Diversity amongst our board members better allows Principal IRB to provide the highest level of research participant protection.

  • IRB board members receive initial and ongoing eduction in the protection of human research participants.

  • Principal IRB utilizes a specialized digital platform,   LAUNCH to ensure compliance with federal regulations and to facilitate timely reviews of submitted materials. 

  • Board Members receive all submitted materials prior to scheduled meetings to ensure adequate time for proper ethical review.

  • Weekly scheduled IRB meetings for full board review with study document turnaround two (2) business days following meeting. Daily review for submissions that meet expedited review criteria. Ad hoc or emergency meeting option.

Membership Roster

  • The board and consultants represent a variety of experience and expertise. Upon request, a roster including members' names and affiliation will be provided.

Meeting Calendar January - December


  • Weekly meetings

  • 24/7 Digital Study Submissions through  LAUNCH

principal irb only uses e submission.


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