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Whether you are planning a large or small multi-site study, let principal irb 
manage your study.

Single Point of Contact 

Every study is assigned to a single point of contact who will work with you on your project. 
Your contact at  P R I N C I P A L   I R B  will:


  •   Assist on early identification of expectations for streamlined study start up.


  •   Manage all aspects of your study and serve as your key contact when issues arise.

  •   May assist with informed consent preparation.


  •   Coordinate the processing of study documentation


  •   Makes all commercial decisions which can prevent needless delays.



Our corporate commitment is to protect the rights, safety and welfare of research subjects. Protocols involving pharmacokinetic reactions will be sent to an IRB consultant for additional safety review.  This no cost service ensures that all protocol reviews are conducted by an expert in the associated field of medicine.  All IRB consultants work on a 48 hour turnaround and will not hold up the processing of your submission.


All serious adverse events (SAEs) reported to the IRB are processed through a safety surveillance committee.  This team of medical professionals will review, identify trends and report issues or concerns to the IRB board for recommendations.  SAE submission forms are downloadable from our website and may be accessed at anytime.



Selecting a Central Independent IRB, like Principal IRB, adds significant financial incentives to a

multi-site study.  Fees associated with the processing of a study are reduced  for all sites reviewed after the initial submission. Our competitive pricing allows Principal IRB to keep you on budget.



In the field of clinical research, time is money.  Principal IRB conducts weekly meetings. Study materials received by Friday at noon of the prior week will be reviewed the following Thursday. 
Sites will receive notification of IRB decisions the following day.

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